• Step 1: Planning

    • Be sure to measure the length of the area you want to attach the lights on
    • We recommend that the lights go up your wall, but if you prefer to start the line of lights from the top of your wall, you'll need to attach the charger to the wall so it won't pull the lights off.

    Step 2: Prepare Your Surface

    • Use dry paper towel to clean the area that you'll be applying the lights onto. This will ensure the area is clean so the adhesive can hold on strongly.

    Step 3: Pull of the Adhesive 

    • Peel back the plastic on the back of the LED strip to reveal the adhesive.
    • Only peel about 2 feet ahead to make sure the rest of the LED strip doesn't catch debris 

    Step 4: Installation 

    • Start applying the beginning of the strip against the wall.
    • We recommend staying as close to the corner where the wall and ceiling meet to make sure the lights stay in a straight line when applying them.
    • Having someone else hold the other end of the lights and peel the plastic from the adhesive will help make this process easier

    Step 5: Double check

    • Once fully installed, go back and press flat along the LED strip to make sure the adhesive strongly stays onto the wall

    Step 6: Powering the Juicleds

    • Connect the Controller Receiver (white box) to the LED strip
    • The LED Strip and Controller Receiver (white box) both have arrows at the connection point. Make sure those arrows are facing each other so the lights receive the correct signals.
    • If needed. use a screw or LED strip clips to help hold up the power supply. The adhesive can be slightly pulled down if the power supply end is too heavy
    • Connect a power supply to the Controller Receiver (white box) and plug it into the closest socket